We have several locations that are growing at all times. This way we can fit your warehouse location and size needs.

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black and gray metal tool



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man wearing black jacket holding rod
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a building with a garage door and a garage door
9101 N Interstate 27 Frontage Rd
  1. Warehouses: Our primary warehousing units provide spacious storage solutions ideal for various businesses. These warehouses come in different sizes and can accommodate a range of inventory and equipment.

  2. Electric Bay Doors: Each warehouse features large electric bay doors that make loading and unloading easy and efficient. The doors are 14 feet tall, ensuring accessibility for various types of cargo.

  3. Lay Down Yards: Our optional lay down yards provide an open, outdoor space for equipment and materials storage, offering flexibility and convenience for businesses with larger or bulkier items.

  4. Heating and A/C: We offer warehouses equipped with heating and air conditioning systems, providing a comfortable working environment, which is particularly useful for businesses that require temperature-controlled storage.

  5. Reception Desk and Offices: Optional reception desks and two office spaces per location are available to meet administrative needs, making it convenient for businesses to manage their operations from the warehouse space itself.

  6. Textured and Painted Walls: For a polished look and feel, some of our warehousing units come with textured and painted walls, providing a clean and professional atmosphere for your business.

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3511 N Frankford Ave


Warehouse VIEWING

We are here to help you find the perfect place for your services. Depending on your needs, we'll suggest properties to view and book you in for your viewing.




Once you have toured our warehouses we will then discuss pricing options. This will give us a chance to decide what fits best for you!



We don't play around – that means that our bold and confident approach to closing results in you walking away with the keys to your new property.


If you're interested in hearing more about the way we work, have a business proposal, or are interested in making a purchase, we'd love to hear from you.